How to earn money online without investing:

First, here are some payment proofs:

Step 1. The first thing you should do is to sign up to NeoBux here: Click here (In that page you'll also find all info about what NeoBux is)

Step 2. Now that you have signed up to NeoBux you should login, by going to and clicking "Login" on top of the page.

Step 3. When you have logged in to NeoBux click on "View Advertisements" on top of the page.

When you have clicked that it will bring you to a new page where you will be shown atleast 4 advertisements. Click on the name of one of them, for example FAP Turbo.

Then a red dot will appear, click it.

A new tab will open where it will say that the page is loading.

When the page have finished loading a timer will appear.

When the timer is done you will see the text "Advertisement validated!"

You can then close the tab.

Now you will come to the NeoBux view advertisements page again.
If you want to be sure that you did everything right you should refresh the page (by clicking F5) and the star on the advertisement will be grey if you have done it correct.

Do the same thing for all advertisements on the page.

Step 4. When you have done this you should click all your four advertisements everyday until you got $1.5 you can see your balance on top of the NeoBux page to the right of your username.

Step 5. When you have $0.6 in your main balance you should rent referrals. You do this by clicking on your username on top of the page. When you done that you click on "referrals" above your viewed advertisements chart and choose the 3 referrals package.

Step 6. When you have rented your first 3 referrals you should keep renting 3 referrals when you got the money until you have got about 150 - 300 referrals, now you save your money until you got $90, upgrade your membership to golden by clicking on your username on top of the page and after that "Upgrade".

Step 7. Now keep renting referrals until you got about 4000 referrals. This might be frustrating, but remember that when you have done all this you might cashout $30+ a day! You are now ready to make money online!

Thats the final step, it's that simple to make money online. Have fun and good luck! :)